Roberto Coto Law


Roberto Coto Lawoffers a variety of legal services, but each of these services has a common process.  First, we  actively listen to your objectives and goals.  Second, we ask you questions and gather and analyze relevant documents.  Third, we will devise a customized plan to achieve your objectives and goals.  Fourth, we will communicate our plan in a clear and direct manner.  Finally, we will show you how to implement our plan to achieve your objectives and goals.

Our firm provides the following services:

  • Asset Protection
    • Strategies to protect your business and personal assets from lawsuits, creditors, or any other potential threats to your assets(e.g. divorce, family disputes, shareholder disagreements, etc.)
  • Tax Planning
    • Strategies to ensure that you are paying the lowest tax that you are legally obligated to pay.  That is, we will ensure that you are taking all deductions, exemptions, credits that you are entitled to take.  Furthermore, we will ensure that your entity structure or form of business will maximize all the tax benefits that you are entitled to.
  • Estate Planning
    • Strategies to ensure that you will be properly taken care of in case you become disabled. Strategies  to ensure that your assets will be distributed to people or organizations according to your wishes, while minimizing costs.
  • Probate Administration
    • After a loved one passes away, we will guide you through the process of distributing the estate in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Business Law Matters
    • We will advise you how to establish and operate your business.   We will show what documents and agreements you need to protect yourself. 
  • Family Law
    • We will advise you on divorces, separation, premarital agreements, custody and support matters.

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